About us

We are a little different to all the other “Influencer Marketing” agencies.

We are a dynamic & innovative team of advertising, marketing, and social media professionals, with extensive experience from both agency and client side; regionally and internationally. We are fully dedicated to brands to build the best tailormade campaigns, providing the most suitable celebrities, influencers, and content creators to meet your marketing communication needs.

While other agencies will push the talents they manage, our focus is on sourcing the highest engaging celebrities, influencers and content creators that will deliver the best results for your brand.

And with our partner offices located in Los Angeles & Europe, we can access the best celebrities and talents globally.
Our services

As a boutique Celebrity and Influencer Marketing agency, we provide a range of services designed to specifically address the needs of brands. 

Celebrity Endorsement

With many Celebrities regularly posting on social media today, the opportunity for engaging them as brand ambassadors, for endorsements or even appearances is greatly enhanced, exposing your brand to high levels of followers. Because we understand branding, we can identify the right celebrities for your brand image, negotiating the best rates as well as contract management.

Influencer Marketing

As Influencers continue to evolve into stand-alone media, representing various passion-points, and followed by individuals with the same interests, brands have come to recognise their value and importance in a successful media buy. Our role is to identify, contract, and liaise with the influencer on behalf of the brand to ensure content is briefed effectively, obtain approval of content to be placed and manage accurate placement as required - removing this burden from the brand.

Marketing & Branding Consultancy

Given the range and depth of experience of our principals, we are uniquely able to provide marketing and branding consultancy services to brands currently in the Middle East or those looking to enter the market. Our team have successful track records in developing brands and implementing marketing strategies that deliver sustainable results in the fields of FMCG, Food & Beverage, Hospitality, Retail, Broadcast Media, Publishing, Telecommunications, Electronics, Mobiles, Hair & Beauty, & Fashion.

Reporting & Analysis

One of the most important management needs for brands today is Measurability. We are passionate about ensuring our clients have access to the most up to date insights available to enable the creation of successful online campaigns with the most appropriate and engaging influencers and celebrities. Even more so, we track campaigns as they progress to fine tune the execution and maximise the impact followed by detailed analysis and reporting so we can learn and improve in the future.

Production and Creative Experts

Our access to the best celebrities and content creators with the most celebrated talents, enables us to provide larger corporate content creators such as movie, television and advertising producers with uniquely skilled production teams, photographers, videographers, scriptwriters, composers, actors and performers for their productions and events on a freelance/project basis.

Some of the brands we have worked with

Some of the Talents we have worked with
case studies

We believe that our role is to deliver results for our clients and that numbers speak louder than words. That’s why we are passionate about reporting and post-campaign analysis to ensure achievement of the client’s current and future marketing communication goals.

Here are some case studies that show what we mean.

Contact us

We love to engage with Brands so please get in touch. Check out our social media and either DM us or call us at +971 50 922 6458, email us at contact@uniquetalents.me or submit the form right and we will be sure to get back in touch.