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    With a totally new automotive launch coming to the Middle East region, part of a major global launch, this car manufacturer was looking for an innovative and impactful way to create a buzz, positioning the vehicle to appeal to a younger audience.


    The youth audience is largely cynical when it comes to being “advertised to” by larger corporations and are more impressed by people “like me” offering inspiration and aspiration.

    They are also heavily engaged with influencers they follow on social media.


    Select a young Saudi female Gamer, who had achieved great success against all odds in this predominately male domain, to be the face of the brand projecting a positive and confident message to youth to pursue their passions.
    This brand ambassador would also engage with followers online to relate their own life journey to achieve their passion.
    Further, an up-and-coming Saudi Female DJ & Music producer was also featured in the social media campaign as well as being commissioned to create the soundtrack for the online video which matched the tone desired for the launch providing additional encouragement to the target audience to confidently “follow your dreams”.


    The launch of the vehicle was the most successful introduction experienced by the manufacturer, selling out projected stocks of the car to cover 6 months in the first 3 weeks of launch.