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    An FMCG brand in the Beauty category was seeking to invigorate the brand image dramatically and quickly on a minimal budget to evaluate future success of the brand.A pack design revamp, as well as new product launches and “renovation” of their social media, prepared them to conduct the next phase of the re-launch.


    The brand had strong total brand awareness, but low top-of-mind awareness in their competitive set. And while there had been two new additions to the range in recent months, total brand awareness was not impacted dramatically.

    All research suggested that target consumers would be favourable to the new brand image and range, provided they knew of the existence of the new range.


    Create an influencer “unboxing” campaign they would achieve significant reach and awareness of the new product ranges for comparative low spend.

    Influencers were to post Instagram stories for the products utilising defined talking points that communicated the brand image and product attributes.


    Top-of-mind awareness increased three-fold in the three months following the campaign with a parallel increase in market share.