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  • Mobile Phones

    A well-known mobile phone brand had a new KPI that was set for a MENA region market.The KPI contained a specific benchmark for Engagement Rate as well as total reach and Male:Female ratio.


    The Engagement Rate from previous campaigns was low at 1% and we needed to achieve 3% with a total reach of 15million.


    • Analyse previous influencers used and eliminate the low performing ones.
    • Create annual contracts with Influencers with a high engagement rate that fits the brand attributes, appointing them as online Brand Ambassadors.
    • Focus on influencers with different “passion-points” as these types of influencers achieve higher engagement with their followers overall.
    • Work closely with the contracted influencers, briefing them on required content monthly and obtaining the brand approval of the content.
    • Monitor results each month to determine corrective action necessary.


    Overachieved the KPI by reaching 5.5% engagement rate.

    Content quality was massively transformed with some content being selected to be part of the global assets.